Rafting the Zambezi

  • The Zambezi offers what is arguably the finest one-day white water rafting trip on the planet. It is an exceptional day out.
  • The Zambezi is a seasonal river and experiences a great deal of flow variation throughout the year. Usually from January to July we are running the bottom section of the river from Rapid # 14 to Rapid # 25. From July to January we run from Rapid # 1 to Rapid # 21.
  • Throughout the year these trips can be combined with our upper Zambezi Cruise to provide the “ultimate” Zambezi River day out.
  • Your trip with us is all inclusive and run out of our riverside rafting base “The Victoria Falls Waterfront”. This is where you will enjoy your post trip meal, watch your complimentary video and picture package and board our iconic cruise boats. This part of the day is called “beer and medal time”.
  • All of our guides are International Rafting Federation Accredited, we run unparalleled guest to guide ratios. We have an extensive logistical back-up system in place which includes satellite communication and helicopter support in the unlikely event it is needed.

Safpar are the only rafting operator that offers free media of your Zambezi white water rafting trip. Professionally filmed with top of the range camera equipment, we make sure we capture this trip of a lifetime. Experienced videographers kayak ahead of the rafts and film/photograph each raft as it enters and proceeds through the rapids. The video includes professional narration about the rapids, super slow motion for those dramatic flips, fully licensed music and personalised interviews with you and your fellow rafters. Whats more, you can watch the video at the end of your trip in the Waterfront bar with a cold drink in hand!

All video and photos will be uploaded to the cloud where you will be given a personalised download link and no extra cost to you.

Every traveller has different time constraints, fitness levels and expectations. Given enough time in Livingstone a full day Zambezi white water rafting adventure allows for 5 hours on the river, experiencing the more challenging morning section from rapids #1 to #10 and a more relaxed afternoon through to #21. Once you have completed this exciting challenge you will see why the Zambezi River offers some of the best white water rafting in the world.

Rafting trips require all rafters to hike 200m out of the gorge, which can be challenging in the warmer months in the middle of the day. You do not have to be super fit, but a little stamina is required. Don’t worry, it is not a race to the top so you can take your time and take in the views if you wish.

Low Water vs High Water

The Whitewater Rafting season is split into the Low Water Rafting trip and the High Water Rafting trip. The Low Water season is usually between August and New Year, this is when it is safe to raft rapids #1 through to rapid #21. The numbering of the rapids was introduced in the early 1980’s when the river was first navigated, rapid #1 being under the falls and the numbered rapids covering the 25km through to rapid #21.

When the river is high it is unsafe to raft from rapids #1 to rapids #10. Known as the High Water Rafting trip we operate a shorter river trip from rapids #10 through to rapid #21. The High Water rafting trip usually operates between New Year and July. Some seasons the river can rise dramatically and due to Safety concerns we stop Zambezi white water rafting, this is often for a month either side of the rivers highest flow levels around the first week of May.

National Heritage Park fees are applicable for rafting trips that start at rapid #1. This includes full day rafting, morning half day rafting in low water season and multi day trips – This $10 fee is to be paid at the Waterfront prior to your activity. Cash or debit/credit cards accepted (Visa and Mastercard only).