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Other Areas

We are a very nice chill joint located in Chirundu town. At Hunter's Point Nightclub Zambia you are assured ... See all


Club Amnesia is located in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley area. We have a well-stocked bar and a variety of food to ... See all


Cheers Café is located in Chilenje’s Chris Corner area on Muramba Road.We have a well-stocked bar and a ... See all


We have a dedicated team at our bar to satisfy your needs, we link up at 4pm over a cold drought beer or a ... See all


  Great Wall Casino in Lusaka, Zambia, welcomes a diverse mix of clients – whether seasoned gamer ... See all


Paddy Blues located in Lusaka’s Kaunda square is a hub of entertainment. We feature numerous award winning ... See all

Copperbelt Province

Welcome to the ultimate sports bar! Copper Bullet invites you to come and experience everything we have to ... See all


The Playroom Pub is buzzing evening joint which offers both Local and international music in entertainment by ... See all


Set in Lusaka’s Northmead area along Chozi Road, CLUB TGD  is a very high class night club and ... See all

Eastern Province

We are located in the might city of Chipata on plot No 2064 on Umodzi Highway. It’s a wonderful place and ... See all


A hidden gem in the capital city of Lusaka. This casual, upmarket restaurant and jazz dine boasts live music ... See all


    Mugshots Pub 'n' Grill located at Kalundu Market exactly at the corner of Lusemfwa and ... See all


Head straight through to the courtyard, sunny by day and candlelit by night. Bursting with local flavour, ... See all


This is the hottest chill spot, shisha & cocktails available. We have professional Djs & Sound. We ... See all

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