Night clubs

Night clubs in Zambia

Zambia’s nightlife is legendary and huge, attracting revellers from all walks of life. The atmosphere in night clubs are designed for the ultimate night life lovers! Night life lovers get to enjoy good music and various drinks to choose from, plus party till very late. Some night clubs in Zambia have artists that come to perform every once in a while, so if you enjoy live performances, you will definitely find them in some of Zambia’s most popular night clubs. Zambia’s night clubs are very diverse, some play the latest club bangers and others focus on giving you the very best of classic music. Staff in Zambian night clubs are friendly and always ready to assist so that you have a great time.

In Zambia you will find both quiet and jam-packed night clubs making Zambia a premier clubbing destination. Whichever night club you choose to go to, you will certainly meet lots of people who love to party too, so you will be lucky to make a whole lot of new friends as you enjoy Zambia’s vibrant night clubs! Zambia has alot of night clubs that will definitely give you a night to remember, examples are Klub Vegas, Hollywood City Night Club and Chez Ntemba.

There are a few night clubs in Zambia that require you to pay a small fee to enter the club. Some night clubs in Zambia also have age restrictions such as one has to be 25 or 21 and above to enter a certain club. These age restrictions are set to avoid having trouble and confusion in the club caused by irresponsible younger adults.

Facilities in Zambian night clubs

Your safety is of great importance to Zambian club owners. Zambian night clubs have security guards who are each allocated to specific parts of the club, some work from the car park, others inside the club and some at the entrance of the club. These security guards are there to focus on taking care of any confusion or trouble that may take place at the club and ensure you are safe in the club. Some night clubs in Zambia also have security cameras installed inside the club as well as outside the club.

When it comes to the variety of alcoholic drinks, not to worry Zambia’s night clubs have cocktail bars that are well stocked with both local and international beverages ranging from lagers, ciders, wines, spirits, non-alcoholic juices and carbonated soft drinks, for you to choose and enjoy as you party and dance the night away!

Some of Zambia’s night clubs also offer VIP sections, for those who are interested in having a more private clubbing experience. You will enjoy the luxury, comfort and convenience that comes with choosing to party the VIP way! Have a night out with friends at one of Zambia’s night clubs, and experience clubbing the Zambian way.

The Best Bars in Lusaka, Zambia

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia is a sprawling metropolis with new construction of various multi use building such as shopping malls. Many of these host some of the best bars in Lusaka where cocktails and good conversation (and maybe a business deal) can be enjoyed. Here are our favourite bars in Lusaka.

Latitude 15

Bar, Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Contemporary, Vegan, European

Located in the tree filled suburbs of Kabulonga, Latitude 15 boutique hotel is one of the best places to chat with friends over drinks in the lobby, which has a gallery feel with beautiful art work placed around. For a more relaxed feel, sit by the swimming pool or if staying here, head to ‘The Other Side’ on the same property which has a private members only restaurant/bar with weekly live music performances.

Chicago’s Reloaded

Bar, Bistro, American, Beer

Located at the East Park Mall in Lusaka, Chicago’s is one of the most popular places to enjoy cocktails in Lusaka while listening to a playlist of the top 40 international songs. The decor features a vintage car and pictures of American music icons. To be guaranteed a seat, make a prior dinner reservation as this place tends to get packed, especially on weekend evenings. To dance the night away, head to Capones which is a VIP upscale lounge located next to Chicago’s under the same ownership. Capones has a stricter dress code, so no sneakers allowed.

Kegg and Lion

Bar, African

The Kegg and Lion sports bar located at East Park Mall, Lusaka is great for groups. It has indoor and outdoor seating. Kegg and Lion is popular for its large kegs of draft beer at an affordable price. There are large screens where football and other sports are televised. On occasion, there are live DJ events and performances in the outdoor section.

O’ Hagans

Bar, Diner, Restaurant, Irish, Pub Grub, Beer

O’ Hagans is an Irish style sports bar located at the Woodlands Shopping Mall in Lusaka. It has indoor and outdoor seating perfect for groups. Enjoy a cocktail with live music on Thursday evenings. For a more intimate setting, there is a private room that can be booked ahead of time. Wednesday is ladies night with discounts on selected cocktails.


Bar, Diner, Restaurant, African, Italian, French, Chinese

#Social is a new and trendy diner-style lounge and restaurant located on Lagos Road in Lusaka, Zambia. Enjoy one of their signature cocktails with slang names like ‘bae’ while listening to current hits from a resident DJ. The quirky decor provides the perfect instagrammable moments.

Cloud 9

Bar, Cocktail Bar, American

For a great apple martini and a rooftop view over Lusaka, head to the Cloud 9 Bar at Protea by Mariott Lusaka Tower. The dress code is business casual as many of Lusaka’s businessmen and women frequent the bar, it’s located near the new business district which incorporates the many businesses on Great East Road. Pair the cocktail with a meal at the hotel’s steakhouse restaurant which is on the same floor.

Livingstone nightlife

Although it’s not a very big town, Livingstone hosts quite a few nice places for going out. There’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for – there are places for dancing, relaxing with a drink, bars and clubs. After many outdoor activities, after getting soaked at the waterfall, after safari walks and boat cruises and all that, there’s no better way of finishing the day than with a good party surrounded by smiling people.

Partying in Livingstone is a fun activity that should be on the list of all tourists. You can choose from many types of places. For sure discovering the nightlife in Livingstone will also contribute to a better understanding of the local culture. If you’re not in the mood to dance, just go out people watching, observing everyone’s interactions with everyone else. It will tell you a lot about the way locals relate to each other. And the traditional dancing is amazing and inspiring to watch. So make sure to check out at least some of the fun places in Livingstone.