SAFPAR Zambezi River Rafting/River Board Combo – The Best White Water Rafting in the World                    MOSI – OA – TUNYA NATIONAL PARK (LIVINGSTONE)

Full and Half Day Zambezi River Boarding / Rafting Combo Trips

  •  Class V Zambezi white-water rafting – rated the Best One Day Rafting experience in the world!
  •  Full Day Rafting begins under the Victoria Falls at Rapid #1 (depending on water levels) aka The Boiling Pot all the way to Rapid #21 (#10 for half day trips).
  •  Option to take a helicopter flight out of the Batoka Gorge, see Victoria Falls with a birds-eye view.
  •  The ultimate thrill! Option to include a Riverboard Experience with your Rafting!
  •  Meet at the end of the day at The Victoria Falls Waterfront for a hearty meal and a well-earned cold beer with your Rafters!
  •  Watch your day’s Rafting experience on the Big Screen after your trip. Photographs and video available in the cloud for free soon after!


If you have been Whitewater Rafting before or want some extra adrenaline why not try River Boarding. Safari Par Excellence run Zambezi River Boarding trips in conjunction with our Zambezi white water rafting day trips. Equipped with a Body Board and Churchill style fins, run the enormous rapids and surf the standing waves of the Zambezi river.

At least average fitness is needed and some experience with surfing will help. All River Boarding trips run alongside the Rafting Trips, there is always a space in a raft available if you are tired or suffering from cramp. River Boarding is run as a combo, half River Boarding and half Rafting allowing for an unforgettable experience of both. River boarding combined with the best white water rafting in the world is a once in a lifetime experience!


Every traveller has different time constraints, fitness levels and expectations. Given enough time in Livingstone a full day Zambezi River Boarding / Rafting adventure allows for 5 hours on the river, experiencing the more challenging morning section from rapids #1 to #10 and a more relaxed afternoon through to #21. Once you have completed this exciting challenge you will see why the Zambezi River offers some of the best white water rafting in the world.

Half Day options are great for those with limited time and want to experience other Livingstone activities during their stay. The AM Half Day Trip is the more challenging trip of the two, with the PM rafting trip being a little more relaxed. Rafting trips require all rafters to hike 200m out of the gorge, which can be challenging in the warmer months in the middle of the day. You do not have to be super fit, but a little stamina is required. Don’t worry, it is not a race to the top so you can take your time and take in the views if you wish.


Low Water vs High Water

The Whitewater Rafting season is split into the Low Water Rafting trip and the High Water Rafting trip. The Low Water season is usually between August and New Year, this is when it is safe to raft rapids #1 through to rapid #21. The numbering of the rapids was introduced in the early 1980’s when the river was first navigated, rapid #1 being under the falls and the numbered rapids covering the 25km through to rapid #21.

When the river is high it is unsafe to raft from rapids #1 to rapids #10. Known as the High Water Rafting trip we operate a shorter river trip from rapids #10 through to rapid #21. The High Water rafting trip usually operates between New Year and July. Some seasons the river can rise dramatically and due to Safety concerns we stop Zambezi River Boarding / Rafting, this is often for a month either side of the rivers highest flow levels around the first week of May.

National Heritage Park fees are applicable for rafting trips that start at rapid #1. This includes full day rafting, morning half day rafting in low water season and multi day trips – This $10 fee is to be paid at the Waterfront prior to your activity. Cash or debit/credit cards accepted (Visa and Mastercard only).